My “September Sunflower” Table

Aug 27, 2019 | Decor

I’m getting so excited…summer is almost over and fall (my favorite time of the year) is right around the corner!  I’m already thinking about how I’m going to decorate and when I found these sunflower dishes at Home Goods, I had to have them.  Well, I can’t take all the credit…my aunt actually saw them for me and I scooped them all up into my cart!  I already had the pitcher and serving dish from a few years ago when I went shopping at the Home Goods in Kirkwood, Missouri.  I had used them as decorative pieces in my kitchen as display items but now they have a place on my table at home in West Virginia :-). 

If you love fall decor and sunflowers are something you enjoy, you can find the items on this table at:

Sunflowers dishes – Home Goods
Napkins – Pier 1 (I combined a sheer caramel color, a gold ribbed, and a sage green ribbed cloth napkin together)
Napkin rings – Hobby Lobby (I used silk flowers and just bent the stems around the napkins)
Gold Silverware – a gift from my parents
Tablecloth – Home Goods
Pitcher – Home Goods
Serving plates – Home Goods

I think this picture is so pretty and had to show you.  Our kitchen faces the back yard where the sun sets and I was able to catch it hitting the table.  

You will notice I do not have any glasses on the table because I couldn’t find any that matched.  But…I did see green colored and gold colored wine glasses at the Dollar General which honestly were really nice.  I might just go check them out again and see if they work.  If not, I’ll be on a mission to find something that works with the table.  Another reason to hit Home Goods again!  Yeahhhh!  We have Home Goods, Kirklands, TJMaxx, and Marshall all in a row and it’s easy to hit them all :-). 

I wasn’t sure what to do with the pitcher but I found sunflowers from last year that I had left over from another project.  I added napkins, napkin rings and my flowers and made an arrangement!  What do you think?  I could always use it for a beverage or utensils too!  

I hope you enjoyed my post!  I LOVE table scapes so much so that I created a board on Pinterest.  I’m a tad bit crazy about dishes.  lol. Check it out at :

This is my “September Sunflower Table”.  Can’t wait to show you my “October Pumpkin Table”, my November Turkey Table, and finally my “Christmas Holiday Table”.  The entire time I was decorating our table, Jake and Maggie wrestled in the living room together.  I got some cute pictures that I’ll share with you on another post!

Happy fall everyone!

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