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Two Adorable Labs has a new look!

Oct 28, 2019 | Daily Dose

I’ve been hinting about new changes with Two Adorable Labs and now I can finally show you!!! Check out our new logo and new look by Kaila Piepkow at www.dox.design.com. We have re-designed the site, added our signature colors and style, and created a new logo along with custom photos of Jake, Maggie, and myself.  New subscribers will get a custom welcome email and a free travel guide created by myself.  If you are looking to plan an adventure with your pet, this is the travel guide to reference!  It even has personal input from trips we have taken with Jake and Maggie which will be updated with each trip as we move along.  

Kaila has been amazing to work with. She took her time in getting to know me, my vision for the brand I wanted to create, and my style first and foremost before jumping right into the job. Her process is organized, well thought out, educational, and she is patient especially with clients like myself who are first timers. Her and her staff were on-time, if not early, in completing my requests.  There are three very important members of her staff that I want to mention…her three adorable weens…Finley Piepkow – Secretary Ween, Ferb Piepkow- Chief Secretary Ween, and Felix Piepkow – Office Intern Ween who I had the pleasure of meeting during our web meetings.  I knew in my first meeting with Kaila, she would be loyal to me, smart in helping me create my logo and design, and help educate me in pushing my vision for Two Adorable Labs to new levels. I would like to thank you, Kaila, for helping me and look forward to our future plans for helping me to grow Two Adorable Labs!

I would like to thank Salene Mazur Kraemer Photography for her quality photography, patience, and fast timing in taking and processing the professional photos of me, Jake, and Maggie for my new website! It was Jake and Maggie’s first time at a professional photo shoot and they did amazing!  Check her out at salene@mazurkraemer.com.  

Jake and Maggie are now Ambassadors for Aki-Oka Pet Boutique and will be doing some advertising for PoochiePupsAmbassadors as well.  There will be more to come on this when I receive their products in the mail.  We also have more exciting news like our on-line store coming in 2020!!!  It will be here before we know it!!  

I want to thank all of my loyal readers for following me on my journey with Two Adorable Labs and always look forward to your comments.  I apologize in the lapses of blog posts as we were transitioning from our old platform to our new platform.  I will still keep the same schedule posting Monday through Friday and hope to give you more fun, food, and fashion!  Thank you again, and as always, Live, Lab, Love!  

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  1. Carla

    The new blog looks awesome!! Great job❤

    • Bobbi

      Thank you!!!

  2. Sharon

    It looks fantastic!

    • Bobbi

      Thank you!!!!

  3. Sharon

    It looks fantastic! Having trouble submitting. Hope you get this. When I didn’t put in inf. In all three areas to submit the message told me to go back. When I went back the commands disappeared and you could no longer see what is required.


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