Covergirl Cosmetics goes cruelty free

Nov 21, 2018 | Reviews

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Thomas is on vacation this week and we are enjoying our time together hanging out with the pups.  I was a bit stumped this week on what to blog about until I saw on TV that Covergirl Cosmetics is now certified cruelty free and certified by the Leaping Bunny!  The brand just announced that they are officially cruelty-free certified by Cruelty-Free International, meaning none of their products or ingredients are tested on animals, nor are those of the brand’s suppliers. Going forward, all the products like mascara, lipsticks, and eyeshadows will carry a logo by Leaping Bunny.

​Awhile back, I posted a detailed blog, see here, talking about what “Cruelty Free” actually means and what being certified by Leaping Bunny means for the product, company, and consumer.  I was delighted that I had done my research because having the Leaping Bunny logo alleviates any doubt in my mind the products I am buying are in fact cruelty free.  This also means that Covergirl has pulled out of China where animal testing is sometimes required by law.  

​Covergirl is the largest makeup brand to carry the cruelty free certification.  Help spread the word #covergirlcrueltyfree and #covergirlmade

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