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Chunky Monkey x 2

Sep 20, 2017 | Products

We’ve had Jake and Maggie alittle over 3 months now.  I just took them to the vet yesterday for their second round of shots.  Jake weighs in at 27 pounds and Maggie is at 24 pounds.  I’m sad because they are getting harder to pick up but I love their little fat rolls and they love my hugs and kisses.  The vet said they look healthy and happy and I’m doing everything right.  Phew!  

I’ve switched their food to Purina Puppy Pro Plan for large breed dogs with the first ingredient being chicken.  I feel it’s better for them than all the grains and corns.  

This is Jake waiting patiently for me to open up the bag and feed him finally!  And Jake and Maggie after eating!  They loved the food and I guess it wore them out eating it.  LOL!  You can see what I call Jake’s birthmark on his nose.  It’s a fur line that never lays down…sooooo cute!!  


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