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Bottled Water vs. Tap Water For Your Pet

Jul 16, 2018 | Health

Have you ever considered giving your pet bottled water over tap water or possibly purchasing a filter for cleaner water for your pets?  Water is the most important for your pet but not all tap water is created equal.  Tap water contains less than 5000 parts per million of total dissolved solids is considered acceptable, you have to consider where you live.  Your tap water may contain harmful chemicals such as fluoride, arsenic, nitrates and traces of heavy metals.  It may also contain high levels of minerals found in tap water affecting dogs with compromised immune systems or an underlying medical condition such as crystals or stones.  In this case, it would be beneficial to switch to bottled water.  

If you notice your pet is not drinking the tap water from his bowl but drinks from another questionable source such as the toilet bowl or muddy water puddle, you might question your tap water and switch to bottled water.  The smell of the chlorine in the tap water can be very strong which makes your pet sensitive to it and will turn them away.  

If you are considering purchasing a filter, it would be helpful to do your research.  Common charcoal filters do not remove fluoride.  A better option may be looking for bottled water that is not chlorinated or fluoridated; however, keep in mind that bottled water doesn’t necessarily translate into safe. In an estimated 25 percent or more cases, bottled water is simply tap water in a bottle according to the #Natural Resources Defense Council.

And if your considering a vacation with your pet, bring along bottled water.  Water varies from place to place and you want your pet happy, healthy, and safe!  There are different types of travel bowls you can purchase that expand and collapse for easier transport as well.  


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