A Miracle Named Boone

Nov 14, 2019 | Daily Dose, Life, Pets

I had a completely different post for today that I had almost finished typing when I found out about this wonderful non-profit organization called Joey’s P.A.W. Prosthetics and Wheels at https://www.joeyspaw.org.  Over the last year, I have delved more into social media than I ever had before and am finding that my favorite channels are Instagram and Pinterest.  I have met some amazing people and their dogs via Instagram and among those is Tanya who I spoke to today.  She is dog mom to Boone or A Miracle Named Boone on Instagram and I very much enjoy seeing his sweet face every day!
But what has caught not only my attention but my heart is the fact that Tanya and her husband Charlie have adopted not only Boone who lost his back legs to abuse, but have also adopted their own and helped many other dogs with disabilities get adopted.…over 350 to be exact including a donkey, goat, Guinea pig, and 2 cats.  Joey’s P.A.W. is their non-profit and Boone is the Ambassador.  It was started over the love of their beloved Joey who had lost his rear legs at 6 weeks old.  They provide dogs with wheelchairs and prosthetics and their mission is to help get disabled dogs that are in rescues and shelters adopted while helping the adopter so they are not burdened with the cost of the devices.
Boone is an amazing dog whose sweet face makes me smile!  He is a therapy dog as well as a member of the PitPaws Program at the Pittsburgh Airport.  He can be seen spreading love and awareness wherever he goes.  Find him on Instagram and his smiling face and adorable bow ties will keep you smiling.  He is quite fashionable in his new red wheel chair from his mom and dad (his dad painted it for Christmas) or his pawrents as us dog parents are called.  I spoke to Tanya and am so excited to tell you that they will be at the Pittsburgh Pet Expo on Sunday, November 17th at the David Lawrence Convention Center.  She along with other Pittsburgh pet parents and their dogs will be participating in a Q & A panel at 1:00 pm in which I will be attending to watch and learn.  I’m also so excited that we have carved out some time next month to sit and talk where I will get to meet Boone.  You will be sure I will be bringing him some yummy treats and taking pictures:-).
Check out Joey’s P.A.W. at https://www.joeyspaw.org and make a donation today!  And if you are in the Cranberry Township, PA area today (November 14th), stop at their fundraiser:

Joey’s Santa Paws for a Cause 2

Domenico’s Ristorante

20550 Rt 19N (Piazza Plaza)

Cranberry Twp., PA 16066

Thursday November 14, 2019

5pm – 8pm

Purchase your tickets today while they last!!


If you are looking for something to do this weekend, visit the Pittsburgh Pet Expo being held at the David Lawrence Convention Center Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!  You can find more details here:  http://pghpetexpo.com/schedule.html

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  1. Carla

    What a wonderful organization! I really enjoyed reading all about their mission and the work they do..
    especially the pics of all the beautiful fur babies🐾

    • Bobbi

      I know, isn’t it! They are doing great work!


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