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5 ways to occupy your pet during the holidays

Nov 29, 2018 | Holiday, Tips and Tricks

With Thanksgiving having just past and Christmas right around the corner, Thomas and I have been shopping, dining, and checking things off our “to do” list around the house.  We are so excited because this will be Jake and Maggie’s second Christmas with us and I’m already planning on how we are going to celebrate Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with them.  

We have always celebrated the holidays by spoiling our dogs and Jake and Maggie are no exception.  We have always opened up our gifts to each other on Christmas Even since we started dating.  We let the dogs open their gifts first which are always wrapped with bows and while they are playing with their new toys, this gives us an opportunity to enjoy our gifts to each other.  

Last year we had dinner at our house and I was worried the puppies would bother everyone while they ate but the toys I gave them occupied them all through dinner and dessert.  Here are some suggestions on how to keep your pets happy, healthy, and occupied during the holidays especially Christmas dinner.  

  1. Use old t-shirts or towels and tie up in knots to play tug-o-war or to chew on
  2. Buy a flavored Nylabone
  3. Fill a Kong ball with peanut butter
  4. Take your pet for a long walk before your guests arrive to tire them out
  5. Put them in their “place” command during dinner

We have finished our shopping and, of course, Jake and Maggie were at the top of the list.  They will get some fun stuff this year and we will make good use of Thomas’ old t-shirts!  I’ll be sure to share all our holiday pictures with you!  

If your looking for healthy treats for your pet or a gift to buy a loved one, check out my previous blog posts…herehereand here.  Whether it’s a homemade treat, a sturdy Nylabone, or a camera for yourself to capture all the fun moments, I hope your wishes come true.  Tune in for more holiday posts and don’t forget to share the blog with your friends :-). 

“Jake and Maggie helping us hang curtains in


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